How I Wear Low Cut Shirts Without Spilling Out | Big Breasts Vs. V-Necks

Hola mis amores!

I’d like come out and say that I have been a member of the Tig Bitties Committee since  the eighth grade. I fluctuate between a 36DD and a 34DDD in bra size depending on if I’ve gained or lost a few pounds and I can’t remember a time when I never had them.

They weigh my upper body down, have caused some bras to dent my shoulders, and they feel like a burning anvil when mother nature decides to drop by on her monthly visits. So I guess you can say I have a love/hate relationship with my big boobs?

Being top heavy has also put quite a weight on my shoulder (pun intended) when it comes to what I wear. While some tops, like cropped or low cut, may look chic on women with smaller breasts, on me it can look like I just stepped out of a Bad Bunny music video.

I’m not the kind of person who wants all eyes on me as my tetas hang out of my shirt, so I’ve learned how to sew, improvise and cover up in quite a few creative ways that still keep me looking cute but put together. For all my fellow big breasted females out there, read on for how I work around the cut (is that a pun? I think so!) and keep a bit more control of the girls.

Wear a bralette underneath


My saving grace has always been having a cute bralette underneath. I usually find mine at Target or Walmart because they carry a variety of inexpensive unlined bras and bralettes for larger breasts.

Break out the needle and thread

For a low cut shirt that dips too deep, add an extra button. It’s super easy and inexpensive to do yourself without actually sending the shirt to be taken in professionally.

Wear something to cover up on top

img_3378A Summer Date in Chelsea
A jacket, vest, or sheer kimono can go a long way to feel to make you feel a bit more in control when cleavage is popping out of your top.

I hope these tips were helpful for all my girls in the Tig Bitties Committee!

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