KJB Marketing


I’m Melanie and I’m the owner of KJB Marketing.

Why did I start a social media business?

I wanted to help other businesses and brands reach their potential through online marketing.

Who is my ideal client?

A small business with too much to handle to focus on marketing, let alone social media.

What services do I provide?

I provide digital marketing services like social media management, email marketing, graphic design and photography

What makes my agency different?

My customer service experience and knowledge of digital marketing means that I care about all aspects. I focus on customer engagement, staying true to the brand and creating an aesthetically pleasing experience for your online audience.

How do my prices and service compare to my competition?

The competition offers my services at 5X my price. Instead, I think about your success before my bottom line. I understand that the rising prices involved in owning a business has made it difficult for hard working individuals to grow their operations, sometimes failing before they even get a chance.

The first meeting is free so let’s meet, tell me your goal and I’ll create an aggressive plan to bring in clientele through online marketing while you focus on your passion!

Contact me today at Themeldez@gmail.com, and don’t forget to check out my portfolio below!

Digital Marketing Portfolio