Hola, I’m Melanie and thank you for your interest in working with TheMelDez!

TheMelDez is a lifestyle blog offering tips on skin care, beauty routines, outfit guides and creative recipes aimed at Millennial Latinos. My Puerto Rican roots combined with living in Miami and New York City has given me the opportunity to experience a colorful blend of cultures from the Caribbean and Latin America that inspire me in everything from style choices to beauty regimens to how to entertain at home!

In 2015, Latino buying power reached $1.5 trillion, up 50% from 2010 and is expected to continue to rise as the Latino population increases. I’d love to collaborate with Latino, Women and Minority Owned businesses and brands to bring more awareness of our presence and importance in today’s business world.

Through my blog and previous experience in the natural and luxury food market as well as the clothing and lifestyle market, I’ve had the pleasure to work with Por Qué,, Mandela Coffee and more.

We can collaborate on:

• Sponsored Content

• Freelance Beauty/Personal Style Writing

• Giveaways

• Social Media Management

And more!

Feel free to email to discuss your idea in more detail.


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