Who You Need To Know This Week |The Virgin, the Criminal and the Duo

In this week’s edition I’m bringing you an actriz turned activist, an up and coming cantante, and a Latina DJ duo traveling the world, one party at a time!

Gina Rodriguez

Besides starring in the newest blockbuster Annihilation with Natalie Portman and winning the Golden Globe for her performance as Jane the Virgin, La Puertoriqueña  is calling for unity in the Latino community! And not only does she highlight people paving the way for others on her Instagram in #movementmondays, but she also gives us a taste of her gorgeous red carpet looks and comfy off screen wardrobe! Can I be her? Yes? No? Okay, I’ll just admire from afar 👌🏽

Natti Natasha

La diva Dominicana first took over the airwaves in 2012 with Don Omar in “Dutty Love” and returned in 2017 to conquer the industry with hits featuring Bad Bunny, Daddy Yankee, and Ozuna. We’ve all had her catchy hooks stuck in our heads for the longest and I for one can’t wait to see what she’ll bring out for Summer 2018! We can only assume that her on stage style motto must be “bright and tight” because of her affinity for short shorts, see through material, and shiny/glittery fabrics that show off what her mami gave her 👏🏼.

Atmosphere (Natalia BarulichEsther Anaya)

This gorgeous duo is the picture perfect definition of BFF goals. They travel the world together, attend the coolest parties, model and create music! In their tour vlogs, you can see the genuine chemistry these girls share and the way they love and support one another. Both chicas also love to show off their chic, sleek and classy style on Instagram. They’re like the Latina Cher and Dionne!

Let me know which Latina’s been on your radar and who I should feature next week!

Latina’s, Music & Style |Who You Need To Know This Week!

Music is not just something you listen to on your way to work or while you’re cleaning the house. It’s something you put on to transport you to another place and time. It’s an influence that’s so big, marketers incorporated well known musical acts like Cardi B, Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes in their Super Bowl commercials this year.

Latina musicians with a sexy flair for style, catchy hooks and a bad ass jefa kind of attitude are so inspiring to me. As I watch their music videos and scroll through their IG feeds, I fall into a hypnotic state of awe as they flaunt girl power through their lyrics and wardrobes. They work with stylists and design their own clothes, some are flashy and others keep it classy, but what all of these ladies have in common is a goal to achieve their dreams THEIR WAY 👏🏼

Check out the Latina songstresses below and let me know who’s you’re favorite and who we should highlight next!

Kali Uchis


The DMV-raised Colombian songstress gets inspired by reggae, doo-op and her own life when she’s songwriting. Uchis captures my bilingual heart by singing in perfect Spanglish in songs like “Tyrant” and “El Ratico” with Juanes. Her style is like that of a vintage loving mafia queen, and I can’t get enough 😩 👏🏼



This Colombian actress turned singer is basically the Latina Sporty Spice. She’s never too dressed up, preferring denim cut off’s and athleisure wear to create the cutest tomboy next door look! She’s like that super hot friend who plays and coaches soccer on the weekends (I remember seeing a lot of these girls in Miami 😉).

Sabrina Claudio

This sultry voiced chanteuse was raised in Miami, moved to Los Angeles for her music career, and our ears have been blessed ever since.  She lives in silks and satins onstage while taking a more artistic approach to her outfits in music videos. This Puerto-Cuban will take you to another world, both musically and fashion-wise!

Amara La Negra 

You can catch this gorgeous Dominicana standing up for Afro-Latino’s on Love & Hip Hop Miami , co-hosting The View and being a hard working girl boss on her Instagram. She’s not afraid to flaunt her curves and show some skin, exuding confidence and empowering women with every wardrobe change!

Fashion Has Brought the Past Back for Fall 2018

Paris Fashion Week just started and that means that Fashion Month is almost at an end. This season, we’ve seen fashion houses use the runway to further their creative expressions, like when Dolce & Gabbana used drones to showcase hand bags in Milan, Stella Nolasco models holding protest signs during her NYFW show and Dior being inspired by the 1968 uprisings in France.

While the platform has advanced, fashion went back in time to the 17th Century in Europe, the 80’s and 90’s in America, and even all the way back to the primitive time of cavemen. Yellow plaid a la Clueless, baroque, neon animal print, and what looks to be caveman hieroglyphic prints are back and in action on the streets of New York, Paris and Milan! The few trends that I would consider more of our time are the “in your face” logo’s and sleek, all black ensembles we’ve seen on models and attendees.

Get ready to see these trends on your way to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte. Or better yet, get an horchata because P-Spice is soo overrated and horchata just tastes better.

Animal Print





All Black

Which trends are you excited to try this Fall? Make sure to follow Hermosaz and me on Instagram, tag your outfit pics and let us know!

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How To Get Out of a Winter Funk

We are finally in the last leg of winter and you can see it in our faces! Being locked up the majority of the time inside stuffy rooms and then going outside to have the cold wind blowing in your face can leave skin looking dry and lackluster. Not to mention that for some of us, feelings of depression are rampant due to the short days and little sun we get during the winter season. Read on for some very simple tips that’ll get you out of the winter funk and feeling refreshed and ready for spring!


1. Go outside!

Weather permitting, get your daily dose of vitamin D by walking outside during midday for 15 minutes. Vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis, cancer, and it may slow the aging process (use sunscreen if you’re going to be outside for longer than 15 minutes or it’ll have the opposite affects, obviously.)
Serotonin levels are also boosted with sunlight, which is associated with wakefulness and elevated mood. So take a walk around your block and soak in the sunshine!


2. Drink water

Since you’re not sweating in the winter as much as you do in the summer, you’re probably not as thirsty. But staying hydrated is important no matter what season it is! You might crave  sugary drinks like hot chocolate or lattes but skip those and have some hot water with lemon or tea instead. You’ll feel more hydrated, be consuming less calories and overall feeling better and less sluggish.


3. Don’t forget to moisturize

More than ever you should lay on the moisture! Use a thick cream that has essential oils and vitamins E and C to help soften, nourish and repair skin, leaving it glowing for spring! I’ve been using De La Cruz Vitamin E Cream  and no lie, I wish it came in a bigger container because I slather this all over my face and body and have found that it lessens the irritation of razor burn after shaving!

Try these tips out and relish the glow you feel from the inside out!

Spring Style Trends You Need To Try!

Hola chicas! Show of hands, who’s done with Winter? If you’re like me, you probably lifted up both hands AND feet because Winter has got you doooown (points to those who get the RKM Y Ken-Y reference 😉) The short days, the cold and wearing the same coat over and over again can really bring a girl down.

A Summer Date in Chelsea
Throwback to summertime! I really want to feel the sun on my face again instead of a cold wind 😩

So until the weather warms up, I’ll be scrolling through Instagram and saving all the cute outfit inspo I find for Spring . Take a look at what these stylish Latina’s are wearing and be inspired to spice it up and try new things!

Try out the latex trend like L U N N A.
Don’t be afraid to try different fabrics! The slick and shiny nature of latex is as sexy as leather but as playful as the translucent plastic trend. Also, not only does this chica share her style, but she also has her own clothing line full of beautiful evening and cocktail dresses that you HAVE to check out- @gabrielalunna_

Be daring like MIMI PABON
Esta mamacita is fearless in the way she dresses and knows how to make a statement!  As a host on Paparazzi TV in Puerto Rico, most of the pieces Mimi wears comes straight from boutiques found on the island and DO THEY KNOW HOW TO TURN IT UP OR WHAT? The bold colors, fringe pants and low cuts are perfect for island life…and I’m buying a plane ticket now OKAY BYE!

Show some curves like Ariana Diaz
Embrace what your mami gave you and make her proud! What I love about Ariana’s style is that it’s sexy without being too in your face about it. Yes, the clothes fit her in a way that would make Kim K jealous, but she’s tasteful with it by showing all of her curves with minimal skin exposed. She’s showing everything while exposing nothing, it’s like the perfect oxymoron!

Take a dip in blue like LENNY IZQUIERDO
How can such a typical dark, winter color be giving me LIFE?! This color palette is definitely giving me Santorini vibes which gives me travel vibes which gives me Spring vibes! When you mix different blue fabrics and tones together it gives the outfit so much depth. Lenny gets an A++ from me for owning this color!

Look cute and airy like DANIELA RAMIREZ
If you google the word “adorable” I’m pretty sure you’ll find Daniela Ramirez’s Instagram account pop up. This Miami blogger keeps it cute and stylish, showing off her bump in high waisted satin skirts, pastel sweaters and light fabrics. And did I mention her husband is her photographer *swoon*. I can’t, I just can’t. Can I put her in my pocket and take her with me everywhere?

Let me know what you’re planning on wearing when the weather warms up, I need more ideas!




Featured on Hermosaz 

Valentine’s Day Make Up Guide Featuring Latina Beauty Guru’s

Whether you want to ignite some flames on Valentine’s Day or celebrate Galentine’s Day with your mejor amigas, these beauty guru’s have all the tips and tricks you need to slay all V-day.
Diablo Mami! To turn heads on a night out, try this sultry and sexy look from RositaApplebum. Not only is this tutorial simple to follow, but by using mostly ColourPop products this look is inexpensive and accessible for all chica’s on a budget looking to make a memorable impression.
If you want to go more natural, check out Daisy Marquez’ tutorial on how to achieve a nude/glam look. It’s all about the technique, as Daisy will tell you. Nude lids and a subtle blush look classic and help your highlight and big lashes pop! The main attraction of the night will be your natural glow 😉✨
For a super cute and feminine look, follow Tania Lucely’s make up tutorial/outfit guide. The pink and girly eye makeup could easily be recreated with the Maybelline Blushed Nudes palette (thank me later for saving you $$$). Get ready to flutter those lids and make everyone melt!
This smoky winged tutorial from Valeria Loren will make you feel like a straight up JEFA wherever you go on V-Day! The matte pink eyes aren’t too overwhelming, allowing the strong wing and glam lashes to work in sync to make you shine like a queen 👸🏻. Not to mention, Valeria’s personality is so funny and awesome I can’t get enough 😩💖
 I need to shout out Debbie Tracy, a new Youtuber who’s makeup tutorials are both gorgeous and easy to follow! This in-depth tutorial will show you step by step how to create a fun and vampy look, whether you hang out with your boo, friends or family 👌🏽
Let me know which one you’re going to try out this Valentine’s Day!
Feliz Dia del Amor y Amistad!
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6 Step Beauty Routine Every Latina Needs This Holiday!

Hola mis amores 💖 I know this holiday skin care routine seems a little random (Like, it’s FEBRUARY. Christmas was a month ago…) Pero, this was actually posted in December on Hermosaz.com and I wanted to bring it over here because there’s going to be many more to come! I’ve partnered up with Hermosaz.com to bring beauty and fashion content to a bigger Latina audience AND I’M SO ESSCITED 😩 Everything that I post in this category will have been originally featured on another site, like Hermosaz.com or any other partnership’s i’m going to be involved in (fingers crossed 🤞🏼) So enjoy the post! Even though I wrote this with the holidays in mind, you can still apply the tips to anytime of the year!

Glow brighter than Abuela’s Christmas tree with this simple beauty routine.

The holidays are perfect for glitter makeup and smokey eyes to make you shine! And you’re probably beating your face up for that office Christmas party or Noche Buena at your Tia’s house, but are you paying attention to what you do to your skin after the party? Waking up with foundation and mascara on your pillow is not fun, and neither is a break out from having those products on all night. Follow my guide below to get glowing skin for the holidays even before the highlight touches those cheekbones.

Step 1- Remove Your Makeup

I prefer to use coconut oil or an oil-based makeup remover like the Bye Bye Makeup Cleansing Balm from It Cosmetics. Your makeup will slide off like manteca and after wiping it away with a warm wash cloth, your face will feel soft and smooth.

Step 2 – Cleanse

Use a mild cleanser to wash your face. Only use foaming cleansers if you have oily skin, as it can cause dryness. Avoid using exfoliators with beads as those could be doing you AND the environment more harm than good.

Step 3 – Tone

Pour some witch hazel on a round cotton pad and wipe gently all over the face. You might see some makeup remnants on the pad that might not have budged in the last steps. Not only will this ensure that you have a refreshed blank canvas, but it’ll also shrink your pores!

Step 4 – Slather on the Serum

Choose a serum that contains Vitamin C. I wish someone would have told me this years ago, because adding Vitamin C based products to your skincare routine will help diminish sun spots, even out your skin tone, and also helps collagen production. Applying a Vitamin C serum first allows it to penetrate your skin and make sure you receive all of those glowy benefits.

Step 5 – Don’t forget the eye cream!

After staying up all night partying and drinking, your eyes will look sulken! Adding an eye cream to your routine and drinking plenty of water will help keep delicate skin around your eyes looking bright and healthy instead of looking like lumps of coal.

Step 6 – Moisturize

Seal in all that goodness you just put on with a thick moisturizer. Make sure your moisturizer is working double time by having vitamin E, an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging weapon like De La Cruz Vitamin E Cream.



I hope this was just the guide you needed to get started on putting your best face forward this Christmas. If these tips worked for you, share it with me on Instagram by tagging #skincarebymeldez!

Feliz Navidad y les deseo a todos un prospero año!


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