Latina’s, Music & Style |Who You Need To Know This Week!

Music is not just something you listen to on your way to work or while you’re cleaning the house. It’s something you put on to transport you to another place and time. It’s an influence that’s so big, marketers incorporated well known musical acts like Cardi B, Missy Elliot and Busta Rhymes in their Super Bowl commercials this year.

Latina musicians with a sexy flair for style, catchy hooks and a bad ass jefa kind of attitude are so inspiring to me. As I watch their music videos and scroll through their IG feeds, I fall into a hypnotic state of awe as they flaunt girl power through their lyrics and wardrobes. They work with stylists and design their own clothes, some are flashy and others keep it classy, but what all of these ladies have in common is a goal to achieve their dreams THEIR WAY 👏🏼

Check out the Latina songstresses below and let me know who’s you’re favorite and who we should highlight next!

Kali Uchis


The DMV-raised Colombian songstress gets inspired by reggae, doo-op and her own life when she’s songwriting. Uchis captures my bilingual heart by singing in perfect Spanglish in songs like “Tyrant” and “El Ratico” with Juanes. Her style is like that of a vintage loving mafia queen, and I can’t get enough 😩 👏🏼



This Colombian actress turned singer is basically the Latina Sporty Spice. She’s never too dressed up, preferring denim cut off’s and athleisure wear to create the cutest tomboy next door look! She’s like that super hot friend who plays and coaches soccer on the weekends (I remember seeing a lot of these girls in Miami 😉).

Sabrina Claudio

This sultry voiced chanteuse was raised in Miami, moved to Los Angeles for her music career, and our ears have been blessed ever since.  She lives in silks and satins onstage while taking a more artistic approach to her outfits in music videos. This Puerto-Cuban will take you to another world, both musically and fashion-wise!

Amara La Negra 

You can catch this gorgeous Dominicana standing up for Afro-Latino’s on Love & Hip Hop Miami , co-hosting The View and being a hard working girl boss on her Instagram. She’s not afraid to flaunt her curves and show some skin, exuding confidence and empowering women with every wardrobe change!

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