How To Get Out of a Winter Funk

We are finally in the last leg of winter and you can see it in our faces! Being locked up the majority of the time inside stuffy rooms and then going outside to have the cold wind blowing in your face can leave skin looking dry and lackluster. Not to mention that for some of us, feelings of depression are rampant due to the short days and little sun we get during the winter season. Read on for some very simple tips that’ll get you out of the winter funk and feeling refreshed and ready for spring!


1. Go outside!

Weather permitting, get your daily dose of vitamin D by walking outside during midday for 15 minutes. Vitamin D helps prevent osteoporosis, cancer, and it may slow the aging process (use sunscreen if you’re going to be outside for longer than 15 minutes or it’ll have the opposite affects, obviously.)
Serotonin levels are also boosted with sunlight, which is associated with wakefulness and elevated mood. So take a walk around your block and soak in the sunshine!


2. Drink water

Since you’re not sweating in the winter as much as you do in the summer, you’re probably not as thirsty. But staying hydrated is important no matter what season it is! You might crave  sugary drinks like hot chocolate or lattes but skip those and have some hot water with lemon or tea instead. You’ll feel more hydrated, be consuming less calories and overall feeling better and less sluggish.


3. Don’t forget to moisturize

More than ever you should lay on the moisture! Use a thick cream that has essential oils and vitamins E and C to help soften, nourish and repair skin, leaving it glowing for spring! I’ve been using De La Cruz Vitamin E Cream  and no lie, I wish it came in a bigger container because I slather this all over my face and body and have found that it lessens the irritation of razor burn after shaving!

Try these tips out and relish the glow you feel from the inside out!

One response to “How To Get Out of a Winter Funk”

  1. Sonia rosario says:

    Very interesting, my love, you know I try to do the same


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