Spring Style Trends You Need To Try!

Hola chicas! Show of hands, who’s done with Winter? If you’re like me, you probably lifted up both hands AND feet because Winter has got you doooown (points to those who get the RKM Y Ken-Y reference 😉) The short days, the cold and wearing the same coat over and over again can really bring a girl down.

A Summer Date in Chelsea

Throwback to summertime! I really want to feel the sun on my face again instead of a cold wind 😩

So until the weather warms up, I’ll be scrolling through Instagram and saving all the cute outfit inspo I find for Spring . Take a look at what these stylish Latina’s are wearing and be inspired to spice it up and try new things!

Try out the latex trend like L U N N A.
Don’t be afraid to try different fabrics! The slick and shiny nature of latex is as sexy as leather but as playful as the translucent plastic trend. Also, not only does this chica share her style, but she also has her own clothing line full of beautiful evening and cocktail dresses that you HAVE to check out- @gabrielalunna_

Be daring like MIMI PABON
Esta mamacita is fearless in the way she dresses and knows how to make a statement!  As a host on Paparazzi TV in Puerto Rico, most of the pieces Mimi wears comes straight from boutiques found on the island and DO THEY KNOW HOW TO TURN IT UP OR WHAT? The bold colors, fringe pants and low cuts are perfect for island life…and I’m buying a plane ticket now OKAY BYE!

Show some curves like Ariana Diaz
Embrace what your mami gave you and make her proud! What I love about Ariana’s style is that it’s sexy without being too in your face about it. Yes, the clothes fit her in a way that would make Kim K jealous, but she’s tasteful with it by showing all of her curves with minimal skin exposed. She’s showing everything while exposing nothing, it’s like the perfect oxymoron!

Take a dip in blue like LENNY IZQUIERDO
How can such a typical dark, winter color be giving me LIFE?! This color palette is definitely giving me Santorini vibes which gives me travel vibes which gives me Spring vibes! When you mix different blue fabrics and tones together it gives the outfit so much depth. Lenny gets an A++ from me for owning this color!

Look cute and airy like DANIELA RAMIREZ
If you google the word “adorable” I’m pretty sure you’ll find Daniela Ramirez’s Instagram account pop up. This Miami blogger keeps it cute and stylish, showing off her bump in high waisted satin skirts, pastel sweaters and light fabrics. And did I mention her husband is her photographer *swoon*. I can’t, I just can’t. Can I put her in my pocket and take her with me everywhere?

Let me know what you’re planning on wearing when the weather warms up, I need more ideas!




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2 responses to “Spring Style Trends You Need To Try!”

  1. Erin Pruitt says:

    So many good looks! Spandex looks like fun but I’m afraid I’d get too hot.


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